Exact Engineering

Mechanical and OptoMechanical Engineering

At Exact Engineering we specialize in design, analysis and integration of optomechanical and mechanical systems for new and existing applications. From design to prototype to production, our award-winning engineers operate under a strict client-to-company service model, ensuring customer satisfaction no matter how big or small your needs.

Whether your product is destined for prototype, low or high volume production, innovation or improvement, in aerospace, medical, telecommunications, or renewable energy, Exact Engineering has the experience and proven results to make your ideas a reality.

Contact us 781-431-7663 or info@exactengineering.net

"Exact Engineering delivered our product from concept to prototype with excellent results. Not only did they complete the job quickly, but their expertise in precision optomechanical engineering proved invaluable, and they included structural analysis to back up their designs. This is the sort of "fail-safe" we are looking for, as both a manufacturer and OEM supplier. We needed creative and practical solutions from a trustworthy company--Exact Engineering hit the mark."

Dan Ostrower, CEO, Redshift Systems