Our Clients

Exact Engineering is proud to work with a diverse range of clients on various projects. Below is a sample of some of the many clients we have served in the past and present.

  • Axcelis Technologies

  • Axsun Technologies

  • Bluewater Concepts

  • Dimensional Photonics International

  • EIC Laboratories

  • Creative Lightsource

  • Goodrich Aerospace

  • II VI Inc.

  • Laser Light Engines

  • MIT Lincoln Labs


  • Narragansett Imaging

  • Optical Alchemy

  • Q-State Biosciences

  • PanelClaw Inc

  • Preventure Technologies

  • Redshift Technologies

  • Riverside Marine Construction

  • Space Optics Research Laboratories

  • Sybron Dental

  • Salvador Imaging

  • Solartrec

  • Subscriber Solutions

  • United Technologies Corporation

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