From single article prototypes to high volume products, our nearly limitless manufacturing capabilities through our own shop and our network of machine shops provide a “one stop shop” option for our customers.

We have extensive experience in traditional and non-traditional manufacturing methods, including:

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • CNC Abrasive waterjet cutting
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Welding, SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, Oxy Acetylene
  • Injection Molding
milling machine

With our in-house precision machine shop, we can offer our clients quick turn around times and the flexibility to make modifications to existing parts on-the-fly eliminating otherwise costly schedule set backs. Because we are manufacturing experts, manufacturability is always considered during design phase and the end result is a guarantee of part manufacturability at the lowest cost.

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